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Ulziibayar Chimed

Founder of ContoYoga - Cirque Du Soleil artist for 20 + years

Ulziibayar Chimed was born in the city of Ulanbaatar in Mongolia. From an early age she showed a passion for performing and eventually began her training in the art of contortion from the age of 5. After two years of arduous training, Ulziibayar joined the Mongolian State Circus and began performing both locally and abroad, travelling to countries such as France, Russia and Thailand to display her skills.

In 1993 Ulziibayar was scouted by Cirque Du Soleil to join their production Alegria which premiered in April 1994. In doing so, Ulziibayar became the first child artist to perform contortion with the company and toured around the world for twelve years as an original cast member for the show. Since its creation, Alegria has been performed over 5,000 times and seen by over 14 million spectators. In 2005, Ulziibayar entered the ranks of Cirque Du Soleil's resident shows by joining Zumanity in Las Vegas to perform in their iconic "Water Bowl Act."

Today Ulziibayar is considered one of the top contortionists in the world, appearing internationally and featured in, television, film, print ads and more. Her practice The Art of Contortion stands as a culmination of everything she loves instill;ing beauty, and strength through a holistic method of mind body enhancement. For Ulziibayar, contortion moves beyond the westernized viewpoint of physical practice, and actively inspires people in all areas of life "to bend their limits."

Founders Highlights

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